Meet the New WordPress 4.3 A.K.A. "Billie"

WordPress has come up with their brand new version named Billie. This new version of the popular web development platform is numbered 4.3 and offers a lot of improvements over the previous versions that are making the life of developers very convenient. When asked from a Website Development Company, it was told that the new version of WordPress allows the developers to add a host of new features to the web development domain and make their websites even more interactive and fun to use.

A brief history of WordPress:

WordPress is basically a CMS or content management system which is based on the world famous MySQL and PHP platforms. The platform is free of cost and is used by over 60 million websites across the world. The features of WordPress include some exciting tools like a plugin architecture that allows developers to develop their own plugins and add them to the site. Other features include a fully-fledged template system which can be used to create websites within minutes. It is also one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world and is loved by developers worldwide.

WordPress was released as a successor to Cafelog and the initial version came out in 2004. The platform is the result of a joint venture between Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. All the releases of WordPress have been named after famous musicians in the genre of jazz, with the latest one named after musician Billie Holiday.

What new features await you in Billie?

There are many features which have been added or improved upon in the new version of WordPress. Here are some of the major features which have seen a change or have been added to the latest release of WordPress:

  • Passwords are strong in the new release and there is a password meter available which will gauge the strength and help you in making stronger passwords. Moreover, the passwords are no longer being sent to the user via email and change password links will only remain active for 24 hours.
  • The site icons are designed to work out of the box and do not rely on any kind of theme support for their function.
  • Favicon can be managed by the developer on their desktop and mobile both.
  • Comments are turned off by default in the new pages that eliminates the need to manually do the process, which was assumed to be quite irritating and time consuming.
  • Customizer panels and other such sections have seen a graphical makeover. Editor contents have been changed.
  • Customizer Media Controls has seen a complete makeover and comes with new features for the developers.
  • Theme template is changed and there is the introduction of singular.php that simply allows the service providers to use them even for a single post.

All these changes have been happily accepted by the Web Development Company and the providers of Web Development Services.

Response from the WordPress Development Company:

The response from the community of WordPress developers is quite positive. People are terming the changes as quite strategic and well thought of. The changes allow the developers to easily and quickly do their work and this reduces the time required to set up a website or a blog. With the growing popularity of WordPress, it can be assumed that many more innovative changes to the platform are awaited in the later updates that we receive from them.

Source by Arpita Singh

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