How to Get More Social Shares on Your Blog Posts

How to Get More Social Shares on Your Blog PostsSo, you started a blog. Congratulations! It’s a very exciting time for you. You’re putting yourself out there. Sharing your thoughts and dreams with the world. But you’ve written a couple posts, put a lot of thought into them, read them back to yourself 10 times each, and now you’re probably wondering: Is anyone even […]

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11 Best Analytics Solutions for WordPress Users

Are you looking for the best analytics solutions for your WordPress site? Website analytics allow you learn how many visitors are coming to your website, where they come from, and what they do on your site. In this article, we have hand-picked the best analytics solutions for WordPress users. Why Do You Need Analytics for … Read More

How to Check Your WordPress Site for Common Errors and Troubleshoot Them

WordPress is an amazing piece of software. Having overtaken nearly one-third of the entire internet means that it pretty much has to be. However, things can still go wrong. Servers can get issues, and files can get misconfigured. And then there’s plain-old user error. Site health has a lot of factors to consider. Thankfully, the … Read More

Divi Feature Sneak Peek: More Column Structures

More Column Structures are Coming to Divi! Today we are proud to announce that yet another one of our most requested features of all time is currently under development: more column structures! The ability to create a wider variety of page layouts with more columns and more column structures has been something that our community … Read More

How to Create and Customize WordPress User Notifications

If you own a website that allows people to create accounts, you’re most certainly aware that your website sends out WordPress notifications. These email notifications help you communicate with admins, editors, subscribers and more. On top of the default WordPress notifications (such as a lost password email notification), you can also send out additional notifications … Read More

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