How to Reset a WordPress Site (Quickest Method!)

In this video, we’re going to be covering how to reset a WordPress site back to factory settings.
So, back to the way it was when we first installed WordPress.
This is going to remove all of our content, including pages, posts, and media.
And it’ll also reset our WordPress databases and everything else related to our site.

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Be sure to make a backup of your WordPress site, if you think you might regret it!

How to Backup WordPress:

How to Build a WordPress Website:

Written Steps:

1. Make a backup of your WordPress site (optional).
2. Install and activate the (free) “Advanced WordPress Reset” plugin.
3. Hover over “Tools” on the left and click “Advanced WP Reset”.
4. Read the warnings.
5. Type the word “reset” into the text box at the bottom.
6. Click “Reset database” to start the reset.
7. Log back into the WordPress dashboard (it will now be reset).
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