How to Register a Domain Name (+ simple tip to get it for FREE)

Are you looking to start a blog or a new business and are needing a domain name, this is the guide you need. The first step in a new site is to find and register a good domain name for your users to find your site. In this guide, we’ll show you how to register a domain name, step by step, including how to register a domain name for free.

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There are a few different methods for purchasing a domain and our first recommendation would be to sign up using BlueHost as they offer a domain with your hosting signup. For any discounts we have negotiated with them we would recommend using our link below:

The longer the duration of your signup, the lower price per month that BlueHost would be willing to offer for your hosting. There are addons available for an extra price that you can disable, the only one that users tend to keep is the domain privacy option.

For the second option, we recommend taking a look at Search for the domain you’re wanting your site to use and if it is available, will add the domain to your cart as well as offer a list of alternative domain names to choose from. Once you have the domain you plan to use and go to the checkout screen there are many different addons included that you can disable and update the registration duration to multiple years if you’re wanting.

If you don’t want to use either of those options, then our third most popular location to register for a domain would be As with, you can search for a domain that you want to register and have multiple different options available to you.

How to choose a domain name:

For our recommendations for your domain, there are 3 we want everyone to keep in mind.

1. Use a .com domain as those are the most commonly remembered.
2. don’t use numbers in your domain name
3. Avoid dashes in your domain name

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