How to Install WordPress on HostGator – Step by Step (2021)

How to Install WordPress on HostGator Hosting (2021)
In this video, we’re going to be covering how to install WordPress on HostGator, step by step.

If you’re wanting to build a WordPress website (or blog). The first thing we need to do is INSTALL WordPress onto a domain name and web hosting.

Personally, I recommend using This is the hosting company I’ve been using for (8+ years) without any issues!

So in this tutorial, I cover everything from registering a domain name and hosting with Hostgator, to actually installing WordPress (using the built-in cPanel).

Installing WordPress on HostGator is SUPER EASY and will only take us a few minutes to complete.

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Already got a HostGator account?
Skip to 07:12 to get straight to installing WordPress.

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Reason for Update: I know I only posted a video showing how to install WordPress a little while back, but since then they’ve made a major change to some of the steps. They got rid of “Quick Install”, and now we need to use “Softaculous” to install WordPress in the cPanel.

The Different Steps (Timestamps)

00:00 Video Introduction
00:42 Register Domain Name & Web Hosting (HostGator)
05:59 Log into HostGator cPanel
07:17 Install WordPress using Softaculous (HostGator)
10:29 Video Outro


Choosing your web host provider for WordPress is one of the most crucial choices you have to make when creating your website. Bad hosting will result in slow websites, lost data, malfunctioning pages, and other disasters.

When looking for the best web hosting for WordPress, look out for the following:

1. One-click WordPress installation. A 1-click WordPress installation system within a web host will make your life easier. This will save you time and effort in installing WordPress.

2. 99.99% uptime. Uptime is how we call instances when a website is running and accessible. You need to make sure that the web host has an uptime of 99.99%.

3. Fast page load speed. Page load speed is how fast your pages will load when accessed by a visitor. Look for web hosts with a page load speed under 500ms. Slow page loads will cost you, customers.

4. High bandwidth. In terms of bandwidth, or how much data and traffic your website can have, the higher the better.

5. Reasonable price. When it comes to web hosts, higher fees do not necessarily mean better services. For starting websites, you can usually get a decent hosting service for $5-$10 a month.

6. Great customer support. Your web hosting provider should ideally have a live chat because this will get your technical problems (and you might get a lot) solved sooner than emails and ticket systems.

7. Beginner-friendly. If you can’t understand a thing about your host when you log in to your account, that’s usually a bad sign. 90% of web hosts today use cPanel, a simple dashboard where you can control everything about your hosting. Look for a web host with cPanel.

I really hope you enjoy the video, and more importantly, I hope you manage to get WordPress installed without any hassle.

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Disclosure: I recommend using Hostgator web hosting. If you click through one of my links (or use my coupon) to make a purchase, I will receive a commission, which helps me keep my website up and running, and my YouTube channel in action. Thank you in advance for the support!


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