How to Install WordPress on HostGator (2022) – Beginners Tutorial

In this video, we’re going to be covering how to install WordPress on HostGator in 2022.
Installing WordPress on HostGator is SUPER EASY and will only take us a few minutes to complete.

Please Note: This tutorial is using (not .com).

If you’re wanting to build a website or start a blog using WordPress. The first thing you’ll need to do is install WordPress onto a domain name and web hosting.

I personally recommend using HostGator (if you haven’t already guessed!).
I’ve been using them for 8+ years without any issues.

Link to HostGator:
Hosting Coupon: WORDPRESS1HOST

Already have a HostGator account?

Log into the HostGator Control Panel (cPanel).
Then skip to 00:00 in the video to install WordPress.

There are only 3 main steps to installing WordPress on HostGator:

1. Register a domain name and hosting (HostGator)
2. Log in to the HostGator cPanel
3. Install WordPress (using Softaculous)

Don’t worry if this sounds confusing…
It’s actually super easy!


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00:00 Intro
00:25 Choose Hosting Plan
01:15 Register Domain Name
02:07 Create HostGator Account
05:05 Log into HostGator cPanel
06:10 Install WordPress in cPanel (using Softaculous)
08:10 Log in to WordPress Dashboard
08:55 Outro


If you want a full version of the written steps, you can find them here:

— Register HostGator Account

1. Go to
2. Hover over “Hosting” at the top and click “Shared Hosting”.
3. Choose Hosting Plan and click “Buy Now” underneath.
4. Type the Domain Name you’d like to register into the box at the top.
5. Choose “Domain Extension” using the drop-down menu to the right.
6. Under this, uncheck the box beside “domain privacy protection” (optional).
7. Double-check our “Package Type” is correct.
8. Choose a “Billing Cycle” (how often we’ll pay).

I’d recommend going for 12 months or more if you can, and not only because we get a great discount compared to monthly billing (which we do). But, we also get a FREE domain name!

9. Enter Email Address.
10. Create a Password and Security PIN for our HostGator account.
11. Fill out our personal billing information (name, email address, etc).
12. Once we’re done, we can scroll down to where it says “Add Additional Services”.

I normally just uncheck these boxes myself (they are completely optional).

13. Delete the current coupon code.
14. Enter the coupon code: WORDPRESS1HOST (and click Validate).
15. Scroll down and check the box to agree to the Terms of Service.
16. Click “Check out Now!”.
17. Pay for our order.

— Log into HostGator Control Panel (cPanel)

After successful payment, we will be brought to a page thanking us for our order.

1. Close out of HostGator.
2. Open our email inbox (the one we used when signing up).
3. Click into the email titled “Your Account Info”
4. Click the link beside where it says “Your Control Panel”.

This will open up the Control Panel (cPanel) in a new tab.

5. Copy and paste Username and Password from the email, into the cPanel login screen.
6. Click “Login” to log into the cPanel.

— Install WordPress (using Softaculous)

1. Scroll down to the “Software” section.
2. Click on “WordPress Manager”.
3. Click “Install”.
4. Scroll down and enter Username, Password, and Email Address.

Everything else on this page is optional.

5. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Install”.

At this point, Hostgator will start installing WordPress for us.
(this usually takes less than a minute).

Once it’s finished, we can click the link beside “Administrative URL”.

Which will open up the WordPress Dashboard.

And this is where we can add any content, or make any changes to our new WordPress site.
Which is now LIVE online!

I hope you enjoyed the video and managed to get WordPress installed without any problems!
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Disclosure: I recommend using Hostgator web hosting. If you click through one of my links (or use my coupon) to make a purchase, I will receive a commission, which helps me keep my website up and running, and my YouTube channel in action. Thank you for the support!


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