How to Capture Emails in WordPress

Are you wanting to get a list of people who have contacted you on your WordPress site? Possibly for creating an email list in the future or wanting to gauge interest in a product. In this video, we’ll show you how to capture emails in WordPress.

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For the first method in this article, we’ll be using the Pro version of the WPForms plugin that you can purchase using the link above.

Once you purchase the plugin, install, activate, and add your license key in the plugin’s settings to ensure everything is set up correctly. Then we will create a new form under WPForms Add New and for the purposes of this guide, we will be using the Newsletter signup form template to get us started.

Once you customize the form how you like you can connect it to an email service provider under the marketing tab on the left-hand side. Once you have it set and connected how you want, you can go into the posts or pages where you would like to include it and add the WPForms block to the content.

Now when your users submit to the form you can go under WPForms, Entires to see all of the entries to that specific form.

For an alternative to WPForms, we would recommend taking a look at OptinMonster. OptinMonster gives plenty of tools and options for gathering your email addresses and to help with this, OptinMonster has a startup wizard to help you get connected and set up.

With it set up, you will now select the type of Optin you want to appear on the site from the campaign type to the starting style. Once you have selected the style, you will want to click on the use template button and name the campaign something you would remember as the name will be for your uses only.

You should now be able to go through OptinMonster’s campaign creation process where you can style, label, and make the campaign work how you’re wanting. Now that you’ve styled it how you’re wanting you will go through the process of when and how you are wanting it to display. Lastly, ensure you click to publish for your campaign to appear on your site.

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