Choosing a WordPress Theme for Your Website

Over 60 million of blogs and websites around the world are powered by WordPress, as per Wikipedia. This number continues to grow each day.

Perhaps you are asking the reason why it is so popular. The answer is plain to see: WordPress is simple to set-up and use. It lets users build nearly all types of websites such as blogs, eCommerce websites, multipage websites and online portfolios.

In this article, you are provided you with an overview of the most important aspects to keep in mind when deciding on a WordPress theme. Take these elements into consideration and create a website that will let you stand out among the crowd.

Things to Look For in a WordPress Theme

This section has key elements that many popular WordPress templates are taking pride in. When you use them, you save time and effort in developing and managing your website, as well as begin a project that will be popular among online users. So, read further and keep these suggestions in mind:

Responsive Design

It is imperative to include this feature in a website, especially if it wants to win the loyalty of customers. Nowadays, online users are surfing the net using their handheld gadgets, so it would benefit to target these mobile shoppers.

Certainly, you would not remain on a page which does not properly display its content on your mobile device – that’s for sure. When you opt for a WordPress theme with a responsive design, you can feel confident that your blog/website will adjust to whatever screen size to display all the elements as expected.

Auto Upgrades and Support

While the appearance of your chosen theme has a lot of weight, what really sells is customer service.

Social Media Integration

It is seldom for an online user not to have a social media account. When you have a blog or a corporate website, you are probably trying to draw more visitors to join in discussions as well as like, share or comment on your posts.

It is easy to achieve this by means of social sharing buttons. Integrating social media has proven to be effective in increasing page views plus sharing stats.

Easy Customization

When purchasing a theme, make sure that it is easy to customize. There are providers that offer a theme alongside detailed installation and management guides. Based on the goals you want to achieve, check out the advanced options that are included with the theme. Does it come with the functionality you need, such as calendar, portfolios, galleries and slider, among others? What are the standard pages it offers? How many font/color options are available?

Moreover, check if the developer offers packaged functionality together with the template. This functionality is usually not turned on by default.

Quick Loading Speed

Any online user will leave a page when it does not load right away. We live in a fast paced world where everyone wants everything instantly. People wait for an average time of three seconds for the website to fully load. For them, three seconds is just right.

When you are online, it feels like forever. For this reason, you should carefully choose a WordPress theme to use on your website. You will no longer have any issues with the load speed when you choose a well-coded template, as well as dedicated plugins designed to boost your site’s speed.

Source by Karina Popa

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