Add Different Sidebars for Different Pages in WordPress (Custom Sidebars)

In this video, we’re going to be covering how to add different sidebars for different pages in WordPress. And we can also assign these custom sidebars to our blog posts and other widget areas as well if we like.

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Written Steps:

1. Visit the WordPress dashboard.
2. Hover over “Plugins” on the left and click “Add New”.
3. Type “content aware sidebars” into the search bar in the top right.
4. Install and activate the plugin.
5. Click where it now says “content aware” on the left
6. Click “Add New” at the top.
7. Give the new sidebar a name.
8. Then, underneath “where to display”, we need to click “Add New Condition Group”.

(If we scroll down to near the bottom of this list, we can choose either posts or pages).

9. Select the pages (or posts) we want to add our sidebar to, from the drop-down list.
10. Then once we’ve chosen our pages (or posts), we need to click into the “Action” tab, at the top.
11. Set the “Action” is set to “Replace”.
12. Click into the “Target sidebar” box underneath.
13. Choose the sidebar we’re wanting to replace.
14. Then, once we’re happy with everything, we need to click “Create” in the top right to create our new custom sidebar.

Then, once it’s been created, we can visit our site and click into one of the pages we added our sidebar to. And we’ll see that our sidebar is completely blank, which means it has worked.

Now, we just need to add some widgets.

15. To do this, we need to visit our dashboard.
16. Click “Widgets” on the left.
17. Click into the new sidebar.
18. Add any widgets we want.
19. Click “Update” in the top right to save our changes.

And now when we visit our site and click into one of the pages we added our sidebar to, we’ll see that our custom sidebar is now LIVE.

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