WordPress Security (2023) – Hide your LOGIN PAGE from HACKERS… 🫥

This video will show you how to HIDE the LOGIN PAGE on WordPress (2023).
Which is going to help keep your website safe from hackers and unwelcome visitors.

So, if you didn’t know already.

We can always access the login page of our WordPress website, by adding /wp-admin after the domain name.

Example: domain.com/wp-admin

And while this is handy to know…

It’s also a little bit of a security risk!

Because, if someone is trying to access our website.

This is the first page they’re going to be looking for.

So, the best thing to do, is hide it.

Now, we are still going to need access to it ourselves.

So, instead of removing it completely, we’re going to move the login page to a different URL on our site and disable the original one.

And this is going to make it a lot harder for anyone who’s hoping to find it.

Just click play on this video and I’ll show you the easiest way I know to hide the WordPress login page in 2023.

💡 Helpful Tips:

1. Don’t forget to bookmark (or write down) your new login URL.
2. If you have any other users on your site, be sure to let them know too.
3. If you have any issues or you want to go back to the original login URL, you just need to deactivate / uninstall the plugin.
4. You will still be able to log in through your web host like normal (if you had that option).


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(Timestamps) Hide WordPress Login Page:

00:00 – Introduction
00:59 – Installing WPS Hide Login (Plugin)
01:33 – Hiding the WordPress Login Page
02:03 – Setting WordPress Login Redirection URL

While it is possible to hide the WordPress login page by editing our site’s files.

(using cPanel / File Manager)

The easiest way to do it, is by installing a free plugin that will do it for us.

In this video, we’re going to be using the “WPS Hide Login” plugin.

It’s a super lightweight plugin, that’s constantly being updated.

And it currently has nearly 2,000 FIVE STAR reviews on WordPress.org.



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Original Video Title: WordPress Security (2023) – Hide your LOGIN PAGE from HACKERS… 🫥
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With the increasing number of cyber-attacks, it is essential to protect your WordPress website from hackers. One way to do so is by hiding the login page from prying eyes. Fortunately, there is a free plugin called WPS HIDE LOGIN that can help you do just that (in less than 1 minute!). This plugin helps you hide the login page from hackers and other malicious actors, thus keeping your WordPress website secure and safe. In this video, we’ll cover how to use the WPS HIDE LOGIN plugin to hide your login page from hackers and other malicious individuals.

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