What’s Coming in WordPress 5.5

Are you getting ready for the WordPress 5.5 release and not sure that to expect? This will be the second major WordPress release this year and has many new features and improvements. In this video, we’ll show you what’s coming in WordPress 5.5 and walk you through them.

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0:00 Introduction
0:29 Block Improvements
0:52 Block Directory
1:21 Pattern Directory
2:02 Improved Block Movement
2:27 Image Editing
3:02 Lazy Loading Images
3:24 Auto Update Plugins
3:38 Sitemaps
5:01 Upload to Update Plugins

The first update is WordPress has improved the clarity of the blocks in the editor. There are now clear separations between the different block choices so you know the specific block you’re choosing.

WordPress has also introduced the block directory, this will allow you to search through all of the available blocks and if there isn’t one available by default, the search will allow you to easily add one from a plugin or other tool.

Patterns have also been added and these are limited at the moment but will expand as it gets more popular. These are pre-designed blocks to help you get started with setting up a specific design.

The Block editor will also allow you to more easily navigate between the different blocks in your content editor. There is now an arrow navigation and an extra button for selecting the parent element as well. Now when you edit a post and need to use WordPress’ image editing you can do that in the post itself.

If you have a plugin you prefer and don’t want to keep checking for any updates then you can go into your admin area under Plugins, Installed plugins, and on the right-hand side, there is now a link for each plugin to enable automatic updates.

WordPress has started enabling sitemaps by default to help with Search Engines but if you’re using a plugin like Yoast or All In One SEO then you don’t have to worry as those will override and show their sitemaps to prevent any interruptions.

To help speed up sites, WordPress has enabled lazy loading, this means that images are only downloaded once your user’s screen is where the image would be displayed. A ‘loading’ attribute tag will be added to the image and is supported by all browsers other than Safari.

Lastly, for premium plugins that you have to manually upload to your site, WordPress has added the ability that the plugin will be updated rather than running into any updates if the plugin is already installed.


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