How to Speed Up Your eCommerce Website 14 Proven Tips

Do you want to speed up your eCommerce website? Speed is a crucial factor for the success of an eCommerce site that not only improves the customer experience but directly impacts conversions and sales. In this video, we’ll show you how to easily speed up your eCommerce store to improve performance and conversions.

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How to set up WP Rocket

How to optimize images

How many plugins can be installed

Recommendations for speeding up your site:

Choose a Better Ecommerce Hosting Provider
Install a WordPress Caching Plugin
Use Latest PHP Version
Latest Version of WordPress & WooCommerce
Optimize Product Images for Performance
Use a DNS Level Website Firewall
Choose a Better WordPress Theme
Use Better WordPress Plugins
Reduce External HTTP Requests
Reduce Database Requests
Optimize WordPress Database
Use Staging Sites to Track Performance Issues
Offload Ecommerce Emails
Use Better Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

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00:00 how to speed up your eCommerce website
00:29 Tip 1 Use a good hosting provider
02:08 Tip 2 Install a caching plugin
03:56 Tip 3 Use the latest PHP version
04:52 Tip 4 Update your WordPress site
05:41 Tip 5 Optimize your images
06:45 Tip 6 Use a DNS Firewall
08:15 Tip 7 use a good WordPress theme
08:59 Tip 8 use the right WordPress plugins
09:52 Tip 9 reduce HTTPS requests
10:40 Tip 10 reduce database requests
11:23 Tip 11 Optimize your database
11:51 Tip 12 Use a staging site to make changes to your website
12:31 Tip 13 Use Transactional Email Service Provider
13:58 Tip 14 Use Conversion rate optimization software

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