How to Show Page Names in WordPress URLs (Permalinks = Post Name)

In this video, I’m going to show you how to show page names in WordPress URLs.
To show page names in WordPress URLs, we need to update our website’s “Permalinks”.

By default, WordPress Permalinks are set to “Plain”.

Meaning our URLs will look something like this:


(not very descriptive or user-friendly)

But, if we update our Permalinks to “Post name” on WordPress.

Our URLs will look more like this:


Not only does this look better.

But, it also helps with our website’s SEO as well.

(search engines will understand our content better)


00:00 – Introduction
00:23 – Show Page Names in WordPress URLs (Update Permalinks)
00:54 – Change WordPress Permalink for Single Page/Post.
01:37 – Outro

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Hi guys, it’s Martie here.

And in this video, we’re going to be covering how to show page names in WordPress URLs.

See, when we first install WordPress.

It’s set up to show page URLs that look like this.

But, we can change it, so it shows our page and post names instead.

And not only does this look a bit better.

But, it also helps with our website’s SEO.

So, to show page names in our WordPress URLs, we just need to visit the dashboard.

Hover over “Settings” on the left, and click “Permalinks”.

Then, here, we’re going to change this to “Post name”.

And click “Save Changes” at the bottom.

Now, if we visit a page or post on our site.

We’ll see it now shows the page name in the URL.

Then, if we want to change this to say something else.

We just need to click “Edit” at the top, to open it up in the editor.

Then, if we look over to the right.

We’ll see here, that it says “URL”.

And if we click into this link to the right.

We can change the text in the box underneath, to whatever we like.

Then, we just need to update the page.

And now, when we visit it.

We’ll see that it’s now showing the new text in the URL.

Just remember, that if we change the URL of a page or post.

We’ll need to update any links we might have, that are still using the old URL.

So, that’s us now at the end of this video, and that was how to show page names in WordPress URLs.

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Once again, my name’s Martie from

And thank you very much for watching.

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