How to Remove Numbers from WordPress URLs (Permalinks)

In this video, I cover how to remove numbers from WordPress URLs.

Unwanted numbers in our WordPress URLs are usually caused by 1 of 2 things:

1. We accidentally typed the numbers into the URL (Permalink).
2. There is another page or post on our website, that’s already using the same URL.

Either way, it’s super easy to fix.

Note: I’m using in this video, the steps may be different on

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00:00 – Introduction
00:24 – Checking Page URL in WordPress Editor
00:53 – Finding Page Using the Same URL
01:17 – Deleting Page with Same URL
01:54 – Remove Numbers from URL
02:22 – Outro


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Hi guys, it’s Martie here.

And in this video, we’re going to be covering how to remove unwanted numbers from WordPress URLs.

So, if you’ve published a page or post.

And realise there’s a number appearing after the URL, like this.

There are 2 things that can cause this to happen.

One, is that the number’s been typed in by mistake.

Or, there’s another post with the same URL we’re trying to use.

So, first, we need to open up the page or post, in the editor.

And make sure “Post” or “Page” is selected here, in the top right.

Then, under this, on the right, we need to click on this URL.

Delete the number and the dash, from this box.

And click “Update” at the top.

Now, we can visit the post.

And if the number’s gone, it means it had been manually typed in.

Or, if the number’s still here, like mine is.

It means there’s another page or post, using the same URL.

The easiest way to find this page or post, is to click into our domain at the top.

Delete the number, and the dash.

And hit Enter on our keyboard.

And this will bring us straight into the page or post that’s causing the issue.

If this is one we’re wanting to keep.

We’re going to need to choose a different URL for the original post

Or, if we don’t need this post, we can delete it.

To do this, we just need to click “Edit” at the top, to open it up in the editor.

And then, we can click “Move to Trash” on the right.

Then, once it’s been deleted, we need to click into “Trash” at the top.

Hover over the post we just deleted and click “Delete Permanently”.

Then, once it’s gone.

We can click “All” in the top left, to get back to our list of posts.

And now, we need to open the original post again, in the editor.

So, we just need to hover over the post name, and click “Edit”.

Then, we’re going to click into the URL, on the right.

Delete the number and the dash, from this box.

And then update the post.

And now when we visit it.

And look at the URL at the top, we’ll see the number is now gone.

So, that’s us now at the end, and that was how to remove numbers from WordPress URLs.

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Once again, my name’s Martie from

And thank you very much for watching.

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