How To Migrate From WordPress com to WordPress org 2021

Do you want to move your site from to Many bloggers start with for a free starting point and then run into the limitations of the platform and want to transfer to It can seem like a complicated process but, in this video, we’ll walk you through how to transfer your site from to

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You would first want to set up hosting through a hosting provider like BlueHost. WPBeginner’s referral link you can use for any discounts as well as qualify for the free site transfer service below.

When you sign up for BlueHost, they install the WordPress site for you to give you a starting point, if they have not we cover how to set it up in our guide below.

For exporting your site’s content, you would want to log into your site and under Tools, Export and use the free exporter option. Unless you want to only export part of your site, you would want to use the option to export all of your content.

Now, on your new site, you would want to go under Tools, Import, install the WordPress importer tool if it is not installed, and run that importer.

You would choose the XML file that gave you and upload that file. If gave you a zip file, you would want to take the XML files out of that zip file and upload them individually.

You should see a list of any authors you had on your site with the option to assign posts to a user on your current site. You would want to ensure you check the option to download and import your file attachments to ensure your images and any other media on your old site are brought to your new site.

With your content imported and moved over, you would want to go back to your site, set the site to private, and redirect the site so your users and search engines will know to go to the new site.

Once you have installed and set up the site we would recommend going through the recommendations in the WPBeginner article below for what to set up on your site.

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00:11 Why migrate from to
00:46 What you’ll need to migrate your site
01:08 Want us to migrate for you?
02:00 How to set up hosting with Bluehost
04:20 How to export data from
05:06 How to import data to your WordPress website
07:58 How to redirect your site to your new domain
08:55 Resources

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