How to Lazy Load WordPress Images (Tutorial & Explanation)

In this video, we’re going to be covering how to improve our page loading times on WordPress, by using something called “lazy load”.

So, normally when we visit a page or post on our website, our internet browser will load up all of the images at once, before showing us the page.

If we have a lot of images, this can cause our site to lag and increase our loading times, which in turn can negatively affect our search rankings and traffic.

But, to fix this, we’re going to get our images to “lazy load”, which means instead of the images all loading up at once, only images that will be visible right away will load first. Then, any other images will load up as we scroll further down the page.

And don’t worry if you think this sounds like it’s going to take a long time to set up, all we need to do is install a free plugin, and check a single box!

Image Compression Tutorial:

Smush Free vs Smush Pro (Comparison):


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