How to Install a WordPress Theme for Beginners (2 Methods)

In this video, we’re going to cover how to install a WordPress theme (2 methods). Installing a theme on WordPress will change the look of our entire site, and help us to create a more custom website.

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00:00 Introduction
00:40 Install a WordPress Theme (via Dashboard)
02:08 Upload a WordPress Theme (Zip File)
03:24 Outro

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Method #1

To search for a theme through the dashboard, we just need to log into our WordPress site and visit the dashboard.

Then, if we click “Appearance” on the left, this is going to show us any themes we already have installed.

The theme we are currently using will say “Active”.

If we want to change to one of the other themes we have installed, we can hover our mouse over it, and click “Activate”.

Or, to install a new theme, we can click “Add New” at the top.

This is going to show us all of the free themes available for us to install (there are thousands of them for us to choose from).

If we know the name of the theme we’re going to be installing, we can type it into the search bar in the top right.

Then once we find the theme we’re wanting to use, we can hover our mouse over it, and click “Install”.

Once it’s finished installing, we just need to click “Activate”.
And now, when we visit our site, we’ll see that the new theme has been installed, and our website looks completely different.

Method #2

If we download a WordPress theme from another website, it’ll be in a zipped file.

Then, we need to upload this zipped file to our WordPress site, in order to use the theme.

Once we have the theme file downloaded to our computer, we need to visit our WordPress dashboard to upload it.

Then, just like before, we’re going to click “Appearance” on the left.

And click “Add New” at the top.

But then instead of searching for a theme, we’re going to click “Upload Theme” at the top.

Then click “Choose File” in the middle, which is going to open up a search window.

Now, we just need to find the theme file on our computer, click on it and click “Open”.

And then click “Install Now”.

WordPress is then going to install the theme onto our site, and once it’s finished, we just need to click “Activate”.

Now, when we visit our site, we’ll see the new theme has been installed successfully and our website has changed again.


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