How to Create Columns in WordPress (No Coding Required)

Are you wanting to add multi-column content in your WordPress posts? Columns are a great way to create engaging layouts for your content and keep the content reader friendly when plain rows of text would likely not do. If you’re interested in creating multi-column content in WordPress, come join us as Christina walks you through a few different ways to set up milti-column content even if you’re using the classic editor.

If you’re just using the standard Gutenberg/Block editor then there is a built-in block you can use. Click on the ‘Add’ icon and select the column block and WordPress will add the columns where you can click the section you would like it added to and in the block settings on the side, you can customize how many columns and a few other options.

You can also add media such as videos in the columns with the column block. If you would like to add a video to the column you would want to click on the ‘Add new block’ inside the column and select the type of content you are wanting to add. WordPress will display the options within the constraints of the column where you can customize it how you are wanting.

If you are using the classic editor then you would need to use a plugin and for this, we would want to use the Lightweight Grid Columns plugin found below.

Once activated, you will now have a new icon in the post editor with the ‘Add columns’ button where you can customize the area your columns will cover and the grid percentage on different devices and you can add the content you are looking to add. The plugin would then look to add the content in their shortcode to have it display in multiple columns.


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00:44 How to create columns in Gutenberg block editor
02:20 How to choose a different color background for columns
03:07 How to create a column for media and text
03:40 Pro Tip: how to quickly create columns from paragraphs
04:21 How to add columns for classic editor
05:40 How to create a landing page

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