How to Create a Custom WordPress Theme (Without Any Code)

Are you looking to create a custom WordPress theme from scratch? Previously, you had to follow the WordPress codex and have coding knowledge to build a custom theme for yourself.

Luckily things have improved and now anyone can create a completely custom WordPress theme within an hour without coding knowledge.

In this video, we will show you how to easily create a custom theme without writing any code using SeedProd.


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What Causes Website Downtime, How It Manifests, and How You Can Prevent It

Website downtime is the bane of any type of rewarding on the internet entity. Every minute of downtime equates to lost profits and also lost consumer confidence. While many internet site proprietors realize the effect that downtime can carry their website, they aren’t certain what to do concerning it or how to avoid it. Some may not also recognize what exactly is causing their site to experience the concerns that it may be having, neither do they comprehend that there is something they can do to minimize possible damage. If you own or run an internet site, recognizing what creates web site downtime, just how it materializes, and also what you can do to avoid it is crucial to the success of your site.

Why Is Website Downtime So Detrimental to Your Site’s Success?

Practically every business owner that is associated with the world of ecommerce comprehends that internet site uptime is very important. After all, uptime rankings are a big selling point for numerous hosting carriers. If website uptime had not been so essential, host business wouldn’t guarantee 99 percent uptime or even more to attract customers in. The inquiry is why is uptime so essential? What makes downtime so damaging to the success of any kind of online company? Furthermore, when you comprehend the significance of downtime, what can you do to avoid it? Right here are the solutions you’ve been searching for.

Choose Best PHP Development Services

With the advancement of technology each day, competition amongst internet creating companies as well as internet designers is enhancing regularly. Struggle for existence has ended up being the most crucial variable now-a-days and just the fittest of all can endure in such a circumstance.

Why It’s Important to Check Your Website’s Compatibility in All Browsers?

Web sites have to be made and also coded to function with all internet browsers. A browser is an application or software program that individuals made use of to accessibility Web web sites. Examples of web browsers consist of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, as well as Net Traveler.

Give a Boost to Your Business With PSD to Email Conversion

Reliable interaction is a phenomenal promoting approach, fantastic marketing method and an extremely important component for any organization which is quite valuable to keep long-lasting and healthy and balanced relationship with customers. To run an effective advertising campaign over the e-mail you require to make sure that you have actually an extremely customized e-mail template.

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