How to Change WordPress Usernames (Main Admin Username)

In this video, I’m going to show you how to change WordPress Usernames.
For some unknown reason, WordPress doesn’t have an option for us to change our admin Username.
Which is the main Username associated with our WordPress website.

But, don’t worry, it’s still super easy to do.

We just need to install a free plugin called “Username Changer”.
(we can uninstall the plugin again after changing our username)

Note: I’m using in this video, the steps may be different on

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00:00 – Introduction
00:19 – Install Plugin (Username Changer by Widget Team)
00:49 – Change WordPress Username
01:50 – Outro


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Hi guys, it’s Martie here.

And in this video, we’re going to be covering how to change our WordPress Username.

See, for some unknown reason.

WordPress doesn’t have an option for us to change our admin Username.

Which is the main Username associated with our WordPress site.

But, don’t worry, it’s still super easy to do.

To change our WordPress Username.

We just need to hover over “Plugins” in our left dashboard menu.

And click “Add New”.

Then, we’re going to click into the search bar, in the top right.

And type “Username Changer”.

Then, when it shows up.

We need to install and activate this plugin, created by “Widget Team”.

Once the plugin’s active, we can click into “Users” on the left.

Hover over our Username and click “Edit”.

Now, if we scroll down the page.

We’ll see there’s a new option to change our Username.

We just need to click this link.

Type our new Username into this box.

And click “Save Username” on the right.

Then, once it’s been updated.

We’ll get a message saying “Username successfully changed. Click here to log back in”.

Now, we just need to click this link.

And log back into our site, using the new Username.

Then, once we’re logged back in, our Username will be completely updated.

And now that we’re finished, we can delete the plugin again, without affecting our Username.

So, that’s us now at the end, and that was how to change our Username on WordPress.

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Once again, my name’s Martie from

And thank you very much for watching.

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