How to Change the Text Color in WordPress 3 Easy Methods

We’ve had a few users ask us if there was an easy way to change the text color in WordPress. If you are curious about it as well, you have multiple different options for the text across the whole site or even a single word in your content. In this video, we’ll show you how to easily change the text color in WordPress step by step.

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You can use the default editor for a first option. Start by creating a section of text in a post or a page. Now there should be block options on the right-hand side of the editor for the different settings of the block. Under Color Settings, you should be able to set a text color for the specific block.

The next option would be if your theme has customization options, you would normally find them under Appearance, Customize. Normally themes will have a typography section where the options are located but each theme is different so your theme may have a different location where to modify this. For any changes in this area don’t forget to click the Publish button to save the changes and make them live on your site.

Finally, the most difficult for beginners method we are covering in this video would be adding CSS for your content. CSS can be added under Appearance, Customize, and then you would go to the Additional CSS section. Now you can add the CSS code that we include in our written article to include for your site content.

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