How to Add Sample Data in WooCommerce with Product Images

Are you wanting to add some sample data to your WooCommerce store? If you are just setting up a new online store and aren’t sure how the content will look with your current theme and setup as well as how orders would be handled. In this guide, we’ll show you how to easily add sample data in WooCommerce with product images.

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For this guide, we will install and activate the WooCmmerce plugin and before adding any products we will go to Products, All Products. WooCommerce will have an option to create a product or Start an import and we will want to select Start Import.

The Import wizard will be brought up and in the bottom left-hand corner, we want to click the ‘Show advanced options’ link. In the CSV path section, we would want to add the file path below.

File location of the sample data CSV:

For a second option, you can add your domain to the front of the file location and your browser should start downloading the file.

This will import the default products for WooCommerce and if you would like to test the ordering system you can go under WooCommerce, Settings, Payments, and enable the ‘Cash on delivery’ payment option.

When you’re ready to remove the sample data you would start by going under Products, all Products, and move the sample ones to the trash and then in your trash to permanently remove the sample products. We would also recommend going into your media library and removing the images you will no longer be using.

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