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WP Vid Engage is super slick. Place tiny money-making video ads either sitewide or individual pages/posts with a clickable call-to-action below the video. Use this to build your list, advertise webinars, promote affiliate products, welcome people to your site, or to sell your own products. Drive traffic anywhere. Use your own videos or ANY YouTube video. Super effective and visitors can't help themselves they need to  click on them. For under $13 we're basically giving this plugin away.

WP Scroll Convert forces everyone that visits your site to view your offer. You can show a visitor anything you want as they are scrolling down your page. Show visitors a sales page, squeeze page, affiliate offer using your affiliate link, webinar signup page, affiliate bonus page, absolutely anything. There's a live demo on the sales page if you scroll all the way to the bottom. This is crazy effective. The more offers you put in front of people the more you make. Install this on your sites, you'll thank us later.

WP Ever Link is like Pretty Links but better. Manage and control all your links from one dashboard, cloak links, track clicks, and also monitor your links 24/7. If a link goes down, you get an email. You can set backup links that will automatically redirect all traffic until the original link becomes active again. This is for people who are serious about protecting one of the most important parts of their business. We use this you should too. Never have a link go down and not know it.

WP Exit Traffic Pro is an all-time classic. This is our exit intent plugin that allows you to show people an offer as they are leaving your site/page. The plugin senses when a visitors mouse is hovering near the browser address bar and then it will trigger a page to show them before they leave. Use this to show a last chance offer, offer a freebie to build your list, or use an affiliate link and show the visitor an affiliate offer as they are leaving. You will feel good knowing that you're no longer wasting traffic.

WP Max Traffic Map automatically creates multiple types of specific sitemaps for your site that then get submitted to both Google and Bing. Not only will you get more FREE traffic to your posts and pages listed in Google and Bing organic search results using our plugin, but your images, videos, PDF's, and anything you upload to your WordPress site will rank and get free traffic as well. If you have a lot of content on your sites it just makes sense to start using this plugin.

WP Search Crawl allows you to see when Google and Bing last visited all your specific pages and posts. Our plugin creates an extra column when you view all of your pages and posts so at a glance you see when Google and Bing are crawling your site and indexing your content. Has it been a long time since they last visited your site? Click a button and ping them in 1-click. Let them know you added new content, freshened up your site, or you just want them to pay your site a visit. 

WP Lead Pop forces people to optin to your list using 3 built-in automatic triggers. Time delay, scroll trigger, full page lock. It works with any autoresponder or email marketing provider (you can also export the leads and import them anywhere using csv). A popup form appears depending on which trigger you set and the visitor will no longer be able to read the rest of the page/post content until they optin to your list. This is a proven way to build your list and I'm sure you've seen big sites doing this.

WP Mobile Contact Pro automatically detects if the visitor is using their phone when visiting your site. If the plugin detects that they are using their phone, a call-to-action bar appears on the bottom of your site allowing that person to call or text you in 1-click. The text and colors of the bar are customizable. Developer rights are included and there's not a business owner that wouldn't want this installed on their site. In 1-click a person can call or text them immediately while their phone is in their hand. 

WP Promote Guard was developed after Google said you need to start marking up and qualifying your affiliate links or risk getting slapped and losing your search rankings. Obviously no one wants that to happen. Our plugin gets you into compliance with Google in 1-click instead of you having to add this markup to all your links manually. It works with any affiliate network and if you're using affiliate links on your site you need this plugin. Pay $13 one-time you never have to worry.

WP PHP Secure was developed after noticing a file on many of our customers sites when doing support. This is a security 'add-on' type plugin because is compliments other security plugins and adds an extra layer of security by preventing a specific threat. If you download and install free plugins or themes on your WordPress site or allow anyone else to login to your WordPress site the threat of this happening is real. Be better protected in 1-click.

WP Click Engage allows you to put small "click magnets" on your WordPress powered sites. You can use these to drive traffic anywhere. Use them to build a bigger list, make more affiliate commissions, get more webinar attendees, or send more people to your checkout pages. People can't help themselves, they want to click on these. Take advantage of that and use these creatively across your entire site or just on specific pages or posts.

Pop Under Pro allows you to deploy pop-under's on your site in 1-click. Anyone can implement these on their site in seconds and it's not the old school way of displaying them on your site under the browser window. This is a new way of displaying them within a web browser or on any mobile device. It's the new way to do something old school. 

Social Proof Pro is a notifications plugin that you control. Call it "FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out", "social proof", or "urgency" bottom line, these styles of notifications are effective at getting more people to take action. You can manually enter a list of names (or get them from any service). Easily customize the notification and decide where to display them on individual pages/posts or sitewide. You can also make them clickable to drive traffic anywhere. There's no doubt these work.

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