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Divi Plugin Highlight – Divi Logo Manager

Logos are an important part of every website. They tell your readers about your brand and provide brand recognition. What a website can do with a logo is usually limited. Using Divi we can adjust the size and make them shrink or disappear on scroll. That’s great for the majority of websites, but what if […]

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How to Add Your Twitch Status to WordPress

If you like to stream yourself on Twitch, your primary goal is probably to get as many views (and subscribers) as possible. You can do this by using your social media accounts to let people know when you’ll be on, but what if you also have a WordPress website with its own audience? Fortuantely, WordPress […]

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How to Create a Fanfiction Archive With WordPress

Do you enjoy writing fanfiction? While you can add your fanfiction as normal posts, it becomes difficult to organize and showcase them on your site. In this article, we will show you how to create a fanfiction archive with WordPress. Why Create a Fanfiction Archive Instead of Posts? WordPress comes with two commonly used content […]

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